New Product: Workshop Pro Hand Sanitiser

New Product: Workshop Pro Hand Sanitiser


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Morris Lubricants Workshop Pro Hand Sanitiser is now available! Produced using a World Health Organisation recommended formula.
In the current circumstances cleanliness and hygiene in a working environment are of paramount importance. Morris Lubricants Workshop Pro Hand Sanitiser provides a convenient and effective way to clean your hands if soap and water are not available.

This product is ethanol based which is considered an effective substance against a large spectrum of microorganisms that can linger on the skin. The ethanol can destroy disease causing agents or pathogens, by breaking apart proteins, splitting cells into piece or disrupting their metabolism.

This product has an alcohol content of 75% which means that it is much higher and more effective at killing germs than the required standard of 60%. At 75% alcohol content this product is suitable for use in a wide varietyof working environments including the high standards held in healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics.

Morris Workshop Pro Hand Sanitiser also contains glycerin. This slows the evaporation process that happens with alcohol meaning that it remains on your hands for longer and increases its effectiveness. It also stops your hands from drying out, which causes irritation to the skin.
The 500ml bottle comes with a trigger spray which ensures controlled delivery of the sanitiser, reducing wastage and saving money.
There are two available pack sizes: 500ml trigger spray and a cost-effective 1L refill, reducing packaging waste.
Available in the following sizes:
500ml Part no: WHS 500
• 1L refill Part no: WHS 001
• Multi-pack option: 6 x 500ml trigger pack + 12 x 1L refill pack Part no: WHS 505
DISCOUNTED MULTI-PACK AVAILABLE: 6 x 500ml trigger pack + 12 x 1L refill pack


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